Sustainability at Heart

We offer high quality, largely natural fibre products, in our collection and concentrate our sourcing from the UK and Italy. However, we are very keen that the natural fibres used in the production are fully traceable back to their origins. All the animals must be free range, pasture fed and comply to strict animal welfare codes. All wool bales must be appropriately tested for suitability, and independently verified by qualified experts. We do our best to ensure that the fibres are scoured using eco-friendly detergents and without the use of any bleaches, which are often used to improve colour intensity.

Todays concerns about sustainability and eco issues are primary considerations for many of us when making buying decisions.


The sources and processes through which all of all the products in our collection go through, are of vital importance to us. We are all aware that wool is a completely natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, but we are anxious to follow, as closely as we can, its journey from sheep to shop.


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